Transmute Unisex Beauty Salon applies this traditional method with a dash of keen professionalism. Unison of innocent methods and most modern concepts are our specialities.

Though threading is an ancient way of hair removal, it is greatly popular in most modern and western beauty parlours and salons. Threading is one of the cheapest beauty treatments available in Indian beauty parlours. It is a substitute of plucking which is rather painful than threading and mainly used for shaping up the eyebrows.

Transmute Unisex Beauty Salon offers following threading services:

• Full Face
• Eyebrows
• Upper Lips
• Forehead
• Chin
• Cheeks

Threading is done by our professional beauty experts quite quickly and with abrupt neatness. It is done with great care to prevent skin from scaring or pinching.

How often Threading can be done?

Threading is complete natural process of removal of facial hair and extra thick eye brows. It does not use any kind of artificial tools and cosmetics and hence is free of any side effects. Ideal duration for threading is once a week. However, the results will be as long lasting as two to four weeks.

Threading Process

Threading technique is done with a cotton thread. Facial hair including eyebrows, upper lip hair and hair at chin and cheeks are removed from root to prevent fast re-growing. Use of threading is maximum for shaping eyebrows. The results of our fine eyebrow done with threading remain for two to three weeks. Moreover, hair that will grow back will be finer and lighter. Threading is the best process of hair removal and innocent compared to tweezing and waxing. It is also the best hair removal method for people with sensitive skin.

Method of Threading

Though extremely simple, threading is safe when performed by professional beauty experts. Threading is done with a cotton thread twisted to trap, lift and root out hair. You will enjoy the gentle and careful treatment by our professionals.

If you are looking to remove unwanted hair from your face, facial threading is the best alternative to other methods like tweezing and waxing. Threading is completely harmless and less painful than other methods used for facial hair removal.

Threading at Transmute Unisex Salon

Our threading experts carry out threading with utmost care using hygienic and painless way. As desired by clients, it is done either for full face or only for eye brows or forehead or upper and lower lip. Customers love to get threading done at our salon as it is done safely and gently to protect skin at the same time.

Our regular clients enjoy friendly and careful treatment by same professionals who understand and know their skin and comfort ability with the technique.

More About Threading

Threading is popular method of hair removal in Easter countries including India, China and others Its best privilege is that re-growth is finer and mild after regular sessions. Threading also gives you an effect of facial as it exfoliates the skin.