Shellac Nails: Shellac Nail Colour Treatment

Transmute Beauty Salon promises all trendiest nail arts and nail extensions. Apart from Acrylic and Gel, we also offer Shellac Nails service. Gone are the days when you don’t have options to choose for your nails. Now women have lots of options to beautify their nails. Be it Nail polish or false nails or Nail extensions, you will get all at your fingertips. If you are ready to try Shellac Nail Colours, know Shellac Nails. Due to the use of Gel in this hybrid nail colour treatment, your nails get a smooth liquid finish.

Shellac is a combination of gel and nail polish. Compared to traditional gels and acrylics, Shellacs are best for your nails. They are best for healthy fingernails. This is the latest and hybrid false nail. It is half gel and half polish for your nails. Our experts will apply it on your nails with all professional care. These nail extension can be applied like a nail polish on your natural nails. The nails are then cured through UV lighting as it is done with Gel nail polish. Shellac or Gel Polish is the best choice for any durable nails. This nail application will stay from 15 days to a month with a stunning finish. Your nail treatment will definitely last longer if you are careful with your nails after treatment.

What is a Shellac Manicure?

A Shellac Manicure is the latest kind of nail polish that can last for more than two weeks and can even longer. A much better version of UV nail polish, quite similar to gel. This nail treatment is very popular since past couple of years. It gives an instant gorgeous and glossy look. You will get all kind of shades including fiery reds, glittery colours, pastels and others. So you have everything that was not possible before. Long lasting nail polish, natural and shining look.

Benefits of Shellac Nails | Shellac Nail Art & Nail Polish

Here are the top reasons why you should choose our Shellac Nails:
• It gives your nails a natural look as well shine
• It lasts up to minimum two weeks and even more
• The removal method used to remove these types of nail polish does make your nails thin, dry or damaged.
• Available in all kinds of dazzling colours and glitters
• The application will stand strong against daily wear and use of soap and other personal grooming products.

How Shellac Nail Treatment Works

The base coat is cured with LED nail lamp or UV. A colour polish is applied and cured with UV or LED. The second colour coat is given and cured again for a specific time. The final shellac coat is applied at last to give final finishing.

Likewise our other Nail Extensions of Acrylics and Gels, you would also fall in love with our service of Shellac Nails treatment. You will move out of our salon with your fingernails shining like mirrors. The treatment is free of any fear of chipping and fading. This nail art is definitely best when you want your nails to be gorgeous for many days. It will also be a very good option when you are up to any outing or busy schedule where you may not find time to get your nails done.