Nail Painting is a very ancient beauty trick worldwide. It is popular among women as a fashion statement in all continents. With advent of Nail Art in modern beauty world, varieties of Nail Make-up including Nail Paint, Nail Polish, Nail Extensions and Nail Overlays are introduced. Since Transmute remains ahead in sorts of modern beauty techniques, we offer Permanent and Semi-Permanent Nail Painting to our clients. Our Permanent Nail Polish promises exotic look for your nail which is guaranteed to stay intact for weeks longer compared to regular Nail colours and topcoats. If you are just planning to get rid of over and again hassle of nail paint removing and re-applying and chipped nails, do try out this ultra-durable Nail Lacquers.

Just in few minutes time, you will have flawless nails in desired colour and pattern to stay with you for almost three weeks. Just drop into our salon and get trendy Nail colours and designs on your nails to set for 2-3 weeks.

What is Permanent Nail Paint

Permanent Nail Paints are also known as soft gels or soak-off polish. These Permanent Lacquers are based on the same idea as of Acrylic Nails. But unlike Acrylics, they form a lasting bond with your nails and won’t get chipped once they are set with UV light. Permanent Nail Painting has is currently the latest buzz in the Nail Art.

Permanent Nail Polish or Paint is the latest technique of painting nails in India. It is applied like regular nail polish but treated with UV light. This makes it lasts even more than Gel Nails. First of all a thin layer of base is applied, followed by two layers of permanent nail colour. On the top of it gel polish is applied for shine or glittering effect.

Why Permanent Nail Polish

Permanent Nail Colour gives you a great look for your nails with long lasting firm colour gel. A perfect coverage in 2 layers with single toned or mixed colours will be created by our Nail Stylists.

The main advantages you will gain with Permanent Nail Polish and Transmute beauty salon are:

• Lasts longer up to 3 weeks or more
• Dries up instantly
• Very easy to create some dashing Nail designs
• Regular polish can be done on top of the gel
• Permanent Lacquers prevent chipping of Nails

Our expert team is committed to provide you beauty with care. The most premium quality brands of Nail colours will be used to guarantee safety of your nails. When you are up to long trip or some grand occasion, Permanent Nail Painting is an extremely good alternative to the regular ones. No stress of chipped nails, removal and reapplication again and again. Stay beautiful for few weeks with rocking nails without any hassle.

Also get other Nail Arts like Nail enhancements, Per finger Nail Art, Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, French Nail Art, regular Nail Paint, Manicures and regular filing.