If you want exotic Nails for your Wedding Day or Bridal Makeup, do visit Transmute Unisex Beauty Salon. Our vibrant coloured Nail extensions in red, magenta, purple and golden will make you fall everyone in love with your nails. We also give you some trendy French enhancements in pink and whites and lilacs with fascinating patterns. You will be pampered further with fantastic glitters, foils and danglers for your Artificial Nails.

Painting Nails is always been part of Nail Make-up since ancient times. With modern beauty techniques taking over, artificial enhancements and accessories became an integral part of fashion. The art of painting nails is now extended from exotic nail colours to Nail extensions. Nail Extensions are also known as artificial nails, nail enhancements, fake nails, fashion nails or false nails. These extensions have become an integral part of fashion accessories for modern women.

Transmute Beauty Salon offers special trend Nail Extensions for grand events. The vibrant coloured and stunning nail extensions are just made to look your hands eye-catching.

Why Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions are best and beautiful alternative for short and bitten nails. Nail extensions are applied with help of sculpting which looks like natural nails. They stay for 2 to 3 months and need refilling at some duration. Mainly extensions are painted with gel colours or acrylic powders. Our qualified Nail artists will apply extensions with great technique and utmost care for your nails.

Type of Nail Extensions

Check out the types of enhancements to deck your hands to adorn your hands. Here are types of Nail Extensions to deck your nails with most amazing enhancements.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails are the earliest form of Nail enhancements in the beauty world. They are popular mainly due to their property of staying for longer period. This acrylic powder is a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer which forms a hard protective overlay for the natural nails. Acrylic Nail Extensions give a strong and glossy texture for nails.

Gel Nail Extensions

Gel is applied on top of artificial nail extensions or onto natural nail. The gel is applied in fine layers by nail technicians. Length of nails are enhanced by sticking artificial tip on the edge of the natural nails. The Gel covers only the top half of the natural nails. Gel Nail Extensions give a clearer finish and do not need any toning.

Fiberglass Extensions or Silk Nail Wraps

Fiberglass Nail Extensions are placed on the nails. Resin is used to make the fiberglass clear. The striking feature of Fiberglass Nail Extension is that they are easily removed with water. Silk wraps or Fiberglass are best alternative for those who are allergic to chemicals used in Gel and Acrylic types.

Our Nail technicians will offer excellent maintenance service for infills and removing of nail extensions or reapplying. The infill is required for filing the re-grown area of nails. Gel and Acrylic Nail extensions can be re-applied, coated, oiled, filed or buffed to give a new look to nails.