If you have to attend a party and feeling tired to trim up and adorn your nails, just step into our beauty salon. Transmute beauty salon offers beautiful and quick nail art to make you complete for any function and special occasion. Nail beautifying art here ranges from simple decoration to French nail art.

Deck up your nails for a complete party look with Per Finger Nail Art, French, Simple and Nail Extensions. Besides nail adornment, we also offer Nail extensions or Nail enhancements. Our beauty experts keep track of latest trends in the art of all kind of beauty care and also develop inspiring ideas.

Modern Nail Art

Nail Art is an ancient craft of decking the finger nails of women with dazzling colours and designs. Today, every women, be a celebrity or a middle class girl, love to apply this art on her nails. Nail Art gives a trendy look to fingers and adds a touch of glamour to the overall look of hands. This art is prevalent in salons and is very well accepted as part of beauty and fashion for every kind of occasion. After all which woman would not like to make her nails admirable?

Nail art among women in India has lately gone stylish. Leaving the traditional colours and ways aside, the art is re-defined. Amazing nail stickers, combination of colours on a single nail, attractive patterns and glitters on nails are some of the signs how this art has gone through a big transformation in last few years. After being ignored for many long years, the art of decking up nails has entered the beauty parlours and salons.

Best Nail Designs at Transmute Beauty Salon

Transmute beauty experts know each and every minute details of woman’s beauty. Our gorgeous nail arts will enhance beauty of your fingers and nails. Get your nails decorated with simple or two toned or multi toned patterns for any event.

The days of colouring nails with single plain colours are gone and now it’s time to use ravishing nail arts to beautify fingers and nails. We know the latest party trends and will adorn your finger nails as per your choice. If you are going to some lavish party or wedding, we will give a stunning nail decoration to suit the occasion. Our fascinating designs and stylish finishing will make everyone look at your hands for twice.

Besides Nail Art, we also offer care and health treatments like Pedicure, Manicure and Massage. Transmute is committed to make your world beautiful, healthy and stress-free at affordable rates. Our affordable beauty treatments will make you turn up at our salon for any make-up requirement.