Massage is a beauty treatment cum stress relief therapy which is popular since ancient times. Transmute Unisex Beauty Salon believes in holistic therapies as well in developing latest techniques. Besides quality, hygiene and professionalism, friendly manners atmosphere will give you a warm welcome every time you enter our salon. You will be pampered with heart-warming familiar faces, quality treatments and products customized as per your needs.

Transmute Salon Massage therapies are designed to meet your individual needs. Whether you want to de-stress yourself or want to get relief from muscle tension, our Salon is the best place for you. If you just want head massage or hand massage instead of full body, we are right at your service.

Types of Massaging Services

Besides Massages, we have also added service of Body Polishing to give a competitive edge to our salon.

• Arms Massage
• Half Legs
• Simple Full Body
• Full Body Massage with Olive Oil
• Body polishing

Besides above mentioned services in this section, we also give head, back, neck and shoulder massage as per your need. You will make most of your money and time spent at our parlour.

Our full body massage service offers a relaxing experience. It combines many massaging methods to release your stress and exhaustion completely. Any tightness in muscles will also be reduced and you will feel amazing tranquillity.

Our Massing experts use best essential oils and balms for massaging carrying pain relieving and nourishing properties.

Benefits of Massaging

• Massaging is a multi-purpose therapy which enhances your beauty as well health and fitness.
• It offers health benefits by giving your muscles a relaxing effect.
• It is also a great therapy for skin. You will instantly feel lustre and softness of skin after receiving this treatment.
• Head massage is best therapy to relive stress and to get rid from severe and mild headaches.

Body Polishing at Transmute Unisex Salon

Body polishing is a special therapy for skin done using natural products. Oils, Scrubs or balms are applied for your skin. It exfoliates skin and makes it smoother and softer. Polishing first covers your body with cooling mud or weed cover. It is completed by applying lotion or oil. It gives a radiant skin; an effect similar to facial.

Sometimes, we offer combination of massage and body polish if required to give best results of both the treatments. Massaging and Body Polishing removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin. Likewise all other beauty treatments, our team takes care of your skin sensitivity with particular type of oil or balm.

Though Massaging is an old concept, our beauty experts combine this old technique with latest findings, oils and massaging methods. You will leave the salon with a feeling of immense relaxation. Your sensitivities and preferences are recorded by our team and your attendants to take int account when you step in next time.