Long luscious hair are dream of all Ladies. Whether you want change in your Hair colour, style or length, the magic of hair extensions works everywhere. Create soft and romantic waves or get straight hair and transform your style in minutes. We offer all kind of integrations including Tape in extensions, Clip in, Clip on, fusion, weaving and wigs. Get your own desirable texture and length for your hair.

We will also consult you on choosing the best type of extension that suits you best. Our trained Hair Stylists will decide best one for you or we will add as per your taste.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions are artificial hair integrations to add length or fullness to hair. It is used to incorporate a fringe, a splash of new colour or to add length and volume to hair. A new style for your hair can be achieved in just minutes. All celebrities are using this convenient method to add new colour, style and length to their hair.

These artificial integrations are made of real hair or artificial hair. They are attached closely to scalp adding length and thickness to natural hair. Our Hair extensions are of different colour and tints to mix with your hair colour. You will get most natural and fabulous for your locks and waves. You can wash, dry, condition and colour them like your natural hair. You get great freedom of styling with them. The artificial ones are made of various synthetic fibres.

Why Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions will be applied by our professionals in braided or glued or loose way to look natural look. You can try new styles without getting struck to one look. Extensions are best solution to cover up bad haircut. It also gives you freedom of trying highlights easily without bleaching or colouring.

Hair Extensions are to be done by thermal heat or braiding, knotting or gluing and need to be done by hair experts. At Transmute, we also provide aftercare products and procedure. Get special brush, tips for washing, drying and combing them.

Types of Hair Extensions

1. Tape On
2. Quick Clip-Ins
3. Clip-On
4. Bonding and Sealing
5. Fusion
6. Micro Rings / Loops
7. Netting
8. Lace Fronts
9. Tracking

Popular Hair Extensions

Here are some popular types of Hair extensions:

• Quick Clip On or Clip-ins comes in great variety of colours, styles and lengths and involves easy procedure for application. These are also easy to pull out if you are not comfortable.
• Red Flags – Can be easily removed before sleeping and swimming.
• Linking – These are long lasting extensions attached using metal rings. Hair are attached to small tube or ring which are clamped to real hair.
• Bonding – Bonding is also known as Hair Gluing. It is a temporary method involving weaving and suitable for longer hair.

Each type of extension has its own pros and cons. However with our Hair extensionists’ tips and guidance, you will not end up using the wrong one. Like all our other treatments, Hair Extensions will also give you best experience.