Bleaching is a significant beauty treatment which gives an amazing makeover to your face and other parts of body. However it is most preferred for any function or occasion to get an instant fairness. Different varieties of bleaches like powder, cream are available. It is a modern beauty technique which especially used to reduce black hair on the upper lips and side face.

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for skin. People do it at home as well get it done by professionals at beauty parlours and salons. The basic concept of bleaching is to change colour of hairs on the skin to the colour of skin. The hair and blemishes on the skin are lightened and skin gets fresh and brightened look.

Types of Bleach at Transmute Unisex Salon

Though this beautifying technique is generally in demand for face, special occasions need you to be completely groomed. We offer following bleaching services at our parlour for Men and Women:

1. Face Bleach
2. Face Neck + Back Bleach
3. Full Arms
4. Full Legs
5. Only Hands
6. Only Foot
7. Full Body
8. Protein Bleach

This cosmetic treatment is given using varieties of bleach like fruit Bleach, Mango Bleach, Jolen, Diamond, Gold, Aloevera, O3+Bleach. The special oxy bleach will give a boost to your dull skin with oxygen treatment.

Our beauty experts will check your skin type to use the appropriate bleach which is most suitable for your skin. Utmost care is taken to give this treatment in a way that you will feel the results for longer days. If you are new to this method or trying a type of bleach for the first time, our professionals also conduct a skin test for you to avoid risk of skin rashes.


For personal or social events, bleach is done to look well-groomed. It also helps in wrinkles and spots on face. Hence it is a common beauty treatment also done at home by many people using well-known brands like Oxy, Fem and Jolen.

Here are some awesome effects and benefits:

• Lightens the skin tone and giving a glowing effect
• Rejuvenates skin and remove dullness
• Gives lasting effect compared to facial
• Reduces blemishes and reduces pigmentation
• Easier and Economically viable beauty treatment
• Long lasting harmless method
• Bleaching gives quite long last effect on your skin without any risk factors. Other procedures like laser and chemical peeling have chances of side effects.

The type of product used for your skin will be carefully selected to suit your skin. Bleaching is one of our specialties with other treatments like hair colour, waxing and massaging. Our affordable rates and high quality treatment will make you leave our place with the most pleasant experience. Whether you need facial or full body bleach, our care and treatment will make you look fairer. High quality branded creams will make your texture soft and silky. We also keep track of latest methods and brands entering the world beauty market.

Right from understanding your skin, choosing type and brand of bleach till applying it, our professionals are 100% aware of safety of your skin.