Do you want to look like a dashing celebrity on your special day? Why not try Airbrush Makeup.

Transmute Unisex Beauty Salon is a beautiful unison of traditional methods and latest techniques for enhancement of your beauty. As we all know Airbrush makeup is a method of spraying on the skin using the airbrush in place of traditional sponges, finger touch, brushes and other methods. Airbrush comprises of a powered compressor, hose and trigger-actioned gun. The airbrush is adjustable to suit different types of make up from light to heavy and broader. Air brush is normally used for lavish functions like wedding, film shoots and theatres as it gives flawless make up to skin.

At Transmute, we will beautify your skin with exciting varieties and colours of Airbrush. The results of this kind of make-up is completely spectacular and also looks natural.

What is Airbrush Make Up?

Airbrush makeup is the latest kind of tech in parlours and salons which offers lightest makeup coverage. The product is a spray made of special liquid based foundation. It can be levelled for lighter, bit heavier and detailed makeups. It is very popular for bridal day, for film, fashion shows, fashion photography and theatre make-ups. This technique is globally famous for being used for the first time for Benhur actors. Since then popularity is growing gradually day by day. This technique has also revolutionized profession of makeup artists.

Why Airbrush Makeup Products

The main crux behind using this beauty tech is to gain a very natural yet glamorous look. It is largely promoted in the fields of films, theatres and to some extent for lavish bridal makeups. Film stars and celebrities are using this tech for flawless look of skin. The technique tactfully hides any skin blemishes and tannings.

Come to Transmute Beauty Salon for this pricey beauty procedure to gain a starry look. Our Air Brush Makeup service is done by qualified makeup artists. Moreover this tech also makes your skin vibrant and adds ultra-clarity to your skin. Its growing popularity for camera makeup is also contributed by the development of high definition videos and HD television.

Perfect Airbrush Makeup

At Transmute we can solve your problem of finding perfect matching foundation for your skin. We will custom blend the perfect match for your skin. We use top quality of branded Airbrush make up kits of Maybelline and Revlon to ensure safety of your skin.

Our skilful makeup artists will be applying the airbrush makeup. The fine mist of light spray of makeup is layered on to the skin at exact distances. This creates a flawless matte for very long hours. The finishing can vary from thin to heavy as required. The spraying is adjusted accordingly to give you perfect desired look.

So next time whenever you are up to something very grand and royal, do visit us for Airbrush Makeup to achieve a stunning diva look.

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